Technology and Design

Advantage Boats was created by Harry & Debbie Christensen with 3 simple concepts. Make a better quality boat, offer the most diverse color and graphic design’s, and bring in an engineering staff that would not only take current technology to new levels but develop and create new and better ideas that would bring Family and Performance Boaters some of the finest products ever created.
Starting in the late 1980’s, Advantage Boats created the performance deck boat with the introduction of the Party Cat that now comes in 5 different models starting with the 22’ thru the 34’. In the early 1990’s came the 27’ Victory, Hot Boat Magazines Boat of the Year. Hot Boat claimed “This boat is years ahead of its time “. In the mid 1990’s the Race Proven 32’ Victory was introduced bringing Advantage Boats several World Championships and National Titles in POPRA Racing.
Many other incredible models were introduced thru the 1990’s and early 2000’s which really put Advantage boats at the top of the performance boat industry.
Then in 2007 Advantage delivered on their focus to bring Family Boating to new highs with the introduction of the 29 X-Flight, Powerboat Magazines Sport Boat of the Year in 2008. The 27 X-Flight came back in 2009 to earn this very prestigious award again. This new model was not just an out of the box thought as it offers the best of both worlds. It is not only a Performance Step-V but has aerodynamically designed skirts in the front to give lift like a Catamaran in turn offering the smoothest ride in rough water over anything else in the business.
This new model also takes off flat and stays flat so tubing and wakeboarding is a breeze, making this boat the most versatile boat available today. The X-Flights are now available in three different sizes 27’, 29’, and the newest model the 34’ X-Flight.
Please stop by or give one of our knowledgeable Sales Staff a call and find out how easy it can be to own your own Advantage Boat.
If you can DREAM it!!! We can BUILD it!!!